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The Mystical Allure: Amber’s Role in Magic and Ancient Folklore

Amber has long been associated with magical properties and folklore across various cultures. Here are some of the main connections between amber and magic:

  • Ancient lore – In ancient Greek, Roman, and Celtic traditions, amber was believed to have mystical powers. It was thought to be the solidified rays of the sun or tears of the gods, giving it protective and healing energies.
  • Warding off evil – Amber’s sun-like properties were seen as a way to banish evil or negative energies. It was used in amulets and talismans to ward off evil spirits, sorcery, and ill fortune.
  • Folk magic – In European folk magic, amber was incorporated into spells and rituals for love, fertility, healing, and clairvoyance. Its warm colors were linked to attributes like passion and prosperity.
  • Divination – The ancient Celts used amber for divination and reading omens, sometimes tossing hot coals onto pieces of amber to interpret the cracks and burn patterns.
  • Witchcraft – In pagan witchcraft, amber was ascribed magical properties related to solar energies. It was used in sun rituals and worn as a stone of renewal and purification.
  • Energy and luck – New Age believers view amber as a gemstone that can absorb negative energies while also attracting luck, confidence, and wisdom to the bearer.

So while the magical associations vary, amber’s warm golden tones, ancient origins in tree resin, and supposed sun-given powers have made it a prized material for magical rituals, protection, and harnessing the energies of the natural world.

The beauty and rarity of amber were obvious to ancient observers. Its magnetic properties, internal luminescence, sun-like colors, frozen liquid appearance, insect inclusions, and exotic origin were mysterious, inspiring fear and admiration at the same time.

The fascination with amber gradually revealed its various properties and possibilities. In the ancient world, the main source of amber was practically the edge of the earth – the Baltic coast. This unknown and distant land created myths and realities about the sunstone, all of which strongly influenced the desire to buy amber.

Amulet is the most common and universal method of using the fossilized resin. The entire history of human interaction with amber indicates that whatever sign system the mineral was used in, it always had a protective or restorative function.

The magical properties of amber, depending on the purpose, acquired a variety of forms and plots. For example, amber pendants in the form of cowrie shells were a powerful means of increasing fertility and fertility. They were widely used in Italy in the 7th-5th centuries BC.

At the same time, amber ducks were popular in Greece. Such a Greek duck was found in Denmark during excavations. Just imagine how far the amber pebble traveled to find its home in Denmark in the form of a bird!

In ancient Greece and Rome, the mineral was considered lucky, because it could provide a warrior with victory in battle. The Sun and Venus are the patron planets of amber. That is why it is believed that amber jewelry can reveal a woman’s beauty, give a long life, attract love and good luck, to maintain the strength of mind and good mood.

Roman brides were given beads of amber the color of egg yolk. It was believed that an amber necklace should accompany a pregnant woman, and then the baby will be born easily and will be healthy and calm.
In Russia, amber beads became a symbol of a happy marriage and were presented to a young wife whenever possible.

Many peoples have an ancient custom of sewing an amber pebble in the folds of children’s clothes to protect the child from the evil eye and evil forces. Pliny the Elder described the custom of putting amber beads on a child, which had a similar function – protection. But in old Russia and Poland, not children, but nannies and nurses were obliged to wear an amber necklace, so that the baby did not take anything bad from the woman and took only strength and health. This belief was based on the electromagnetic properties of amber to attract dust and small particles. I.e. amber beads attracted and delayed the negativity from the nurse, and the child, respectively, received only healthy food and positive energy.

In Scotland, amber beads strung on red thread served as a protection against evil spirits and witches. Many amber amulets are found in ancient burials (Italy, Russia, Egypt, Middle East). Images on amulets most often tell about the journey of the soul to another world. Thus the soul of the deceased was protected from dangers during the transition to the afterlife. It is believed that wearing petrified resin on the body helps to cleanse the body of energy debris.

If you decide to start a new life, get rid of heavy memories and failures, just buy an amber jewelry. A natural piece of sunstone will help to revitalize the atmosphere of your home.

Amber is the symbolic stone of the sign of Leo, and both are solar (sun) signs. Nevertheless, the mineral stands apart, because it is a symbol of life that came out of the water. Therefore, amber can be worn by representatives of all signs of the Zodiac, if you feel attracted to it.

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