What is Baltic Amber Jewelry?

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The crafting of amber jewelry has extremely deep roots in Baltic states, going back thousands of years to ancient times. Baltic tribes were creating amber jewelry and ornaments dating to the Neolithic period. This skill and cultural tradition has been passed down over countless generations.

In Lithuania especially, amber artisans incorporate traditional folk patterns, symbols of the sun and nature’s motifs into their designs. Silver or golden metalwork is often combined with amber cabochons or free-form beads to create stunning contrast pieces. Modern designers continue pushing boundaries, creating sleek, contemporary styles blending amber with other gemstones.

Baltic amber jewelry can come in a variety of forms, including:

Baltic amber jewelry - Necklaces

Necklaces: Necklaces made from Baltic amber often feature beads or pendants crafted from polished amber stones. These necklaces can be strung together with other materials like silver, gold, or gemstones to create intricate and eye-catching designs. Necklace types: Beaded necklaces, Pendant necklaces, Chunky necklaces, Choker necklaces, Multi-strand necklaces, Raw amber necklaces.

Bracelets: Baltic amber bracelets can be made with individual amber beads or chunks, strung together on a flexible cord or wire. They may also incorporate other materials such as metal spacers or gemstone accents for added visual interest.

Earrings: Earrings made from Baltic amber can range from simple studs to more elaborate dangle or hoop designs. Amber earrings may feature polished amber stones set in metal bezels or wire-wrapped settings.

Baltic Amber Jewelry - Rings

Rings: Baltic amber rings are often made with cabochon-cut amber stones set in metal settings, such as sterling silver or gold. These rings may feature intricate detailing or be designed to showcase the natural beauty of the amber stone.

Baltic Amber Jewelry - Brooch

Brooches and pins: Baltic amber can also be used to create decorative brooches and pins, which can be worn on clothing, hats, or scarves as accessories.

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Amber Jewelry Has Been Around for a Long Time

Amber jewelry is getting more popular these days, but people have been wearing it for thousands of years already. A long time ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that amber was actually tears from their gods that had hardened, or even solid rays of sunlight.

The ancient people also thought that one of the good things about amber jewelry was that it could help heal people. Baltic amber has a substance called succinic acid in it. Many people back then believed that this acid could reduce swelling and ease pain, or even protect the person wearing it from getting hurt or sick.

There’s not much scientific proof to back up these beliefs, but they add to the deep history and stories surrounding amber jewelry. Wearing amber jewelry is part of an ancient tradition filled with powerful tales and folklore from long ago.

Amber Jewelry Feels Warm and Is Easy to Shape

Unlike other gemstones, amber feels warm when you touch it. It quickly takes on the warmth from your body, so wearing amber jewelry is comfortable right from the start when it touches your skin. And because amber is not actually a hard stone, it’s much easier to carve and shape into different designs compared to other gems. One of the best things about amber jewelry is that it can be made into almost any shape you want, like tear drops, circles, or even complex designs like flowers or sunbursts.

Every piece of amber jewelry is one-of-a-kind because each piece of amber is unique – it’s impossible to recreate the exact same pattern. You can match the amber color and shape, but the small imperfections in the layers of hardened resin make every amber stone look a bit different.

Why wear amber jewelry? Amber lets you create your own special style with your jewelry. The lightweight, warm gem is a perfect addition to any outfit. You can choose the size and shape you like best to fit your personal style preferences. It’s versatile enough for everyday wear but also looks sophisticated to dress up your look.

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