Raw Amber Jewelry

Raw amber jewelry refers to jewelry pieces made directly from rough, unpolished pieces of amber in its natural state. Here are some key points about raw amber jewelry. The amber is left in its organic raw form, without cutting, faceting or polishing the surface. This shows off the amber’s natural texture and inclusions. Pieces may include amber nuggets, rocks, and free-form shapes rather than precise gemstone cuts.

Raw amber often has an opaque or cloudy appearance from trapped bubbles and impurities inside. Colors can range from yellows, browns, greens, blues and even reds/oranges in its untreated state. Designers incorporate the rough amber into simple beaded necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants. Some pieces combine raw amber chunks with metals like silver or leather cording for a rustic, natural look.

Raw amber jewelry has an earthy, organic aesthetic that highlights the amber’s formation from ancient tree resin.
It appeals to those wanting jewelry with a more natural, unrefined character rather than overly polished gemstones.
Raw amber is typically more affordable than precision-cut and polished amber jewelry.
So in essence, raw amber jewelry celebrates the amber in its most untouched state, letting the natural colors, textures and shapes take center stage for an earthy, one-of-a-kind look.

Here are some common types of raw amber jewelry:

  • Amber nugget necklaces
  • Amber bead bracelets
  • Amber chunk rings
  • Raw amber pendants
  • Rough amber earrings
  • Amber slab bangles
  • Leather cord amber necklaces
  • Sterling silver and raw amber pieces
  • Amber root/branch jewelry
  • Free-form amber sculptures
  • Natural amber with insect inclusions

The common thread is jewelry made from amber pieces that are unpolished, unmounted and left in their rough, natural textured state straight from the earth.